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Here is what some of our customers are saying about Warmstone Fireplaces & Design.

Rann Haight Architect

Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho

The Haight Family was adopted by Tulikivi in 1995.  Our 2700 has been a hardworking part of our household for over 20 years now.  We have established festive traditions, survived attacks of weather, nestled for comfort and ignored the digital world while being hypnotized by her crackling fire. 


Frank Lloyd Wright said the hearth is the heart of the home.  As an architect myself,  I can attest to the powerful heart of soapstone that beats in our home.  I found a great product and more importantly a great friend in WarmStone Fireplaces and Designs.  Ron Pihl and his staff continue to provide assistance and updates to maintain the bond that forms when purchasing a Tulikivi Masonry unit.


The Tolley Family


We built our new home in the Wyoming mountains in 2009-2010.  The selection of the Tulikivi 2700/2 was really an easy one.  It is a stunning piece of stonework, attractive in any season.  In a 2000 square foot home it didn’t take over architecturally the way that a river rock/stone fireplace would have.  And it’s a lot more inviting than a cast iron wood stove.  It welcomes our guests to touch it and snuggle up to it. 


When we decided on a Tulikivi for our new construction home, Warmstone worked with our architect and general contractor from day one.  They provided important design and technical assistance to make sure we got the stove and the installation we desired.  Thanks to that work and preparation, the delivery and installation went very well.  We were pleased with Warmstone’s assistance and service throughout the entire process.  And Warmstone continues to help with supplies such as some of the best firestarters I’ve ever used. 


Our Tulikivi 2700/2 heats our 20 foot ceiling great room and 2 adjoining bedrooms very effectively.  We’re probably using less wood with this stove than any other system.  On a cold Wyoming day we are only burning it for 4—5 hours.  Then we settle in for a full day of radiant warmth. 


It’s surprising how long the Tulikivi 2700/2 holds the heat. Sometimes guests will arrive and say ‘there’s no fire in the fireplace’….but then they feel the radiant glow from 9000 pounds of warm soapstone. They sit on the bench and enjoy the ‘Warm Stone’ even when there isn’t a fire in the firebox. 


While working with Warmstone on the design and installation of the Tulikivi in our new Wyoming home, we became aware that they could help us much more than just a woodstove.  We extended the warmth and texture of soapstone into other areas of the home.  Warmstone provided design and installation of stunning soapstone counter and island tops in the kitchen.  We also have soapstone tile floors and countertops in the bathrooms. 


We chose the Tulikivi Sky in the brushed finish for the floor of our master bathroom  Hydronic in-floor heating turns the bathroom floor into a delicious surface for bare feet.  Calling 5/8th inch pieces of stone ‘tiles’ isn’t really accurate….these are stone slabs!  We have a warm soapstone slab floor!  It’s a great surface in any season. 

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