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Can a Tulikivi be retrofitted in an existing home?

Yes. There are multiple ways to support and vent a Tulikivi. For detailed information, ask for our site planner.

How much does a Tulikivi weigh?

The weight varies by model, starting at 1900 lbs with the Harmaja and up to 8600 lbs for the TTU 2700/2 see-through model.

Can I use a Tulikivi as a primary heat source?

Yes, in many cases depending on the size, location and installation of your house. An electric backup option is available to ensure failsafe heat in all weather conditions. A Tulikivi also works extrememly well as a secondary heat supply, which can be critical during power outages caused by severe weather.

Can I put a Tulikivi in any room?

Yes. The broad range of sizes and models makes it possible to use a Tulikivi almost anywhere - from an open floor plan to a small enclosed room, such as a cozy den. We can help you choose the right fireplace for your needs.

Can I use a Tulikivi in an air-tight house?

Yes, but many new homes with their tight construction may require an inlet for outside "make up" air directed into the base of your Tulikivi. This can easily be done with a KI 4 kit from Tulikivi.

Is a Tulikivi safe for my family?

Very safe. Soapstone gets warm in normal use - but never dangerously hot as does a cast-iron woodstove. Scientific studies show radiant heat to be among the healthiest forms available. All Tulikivi fireplaces and products meet Underwriter's Laboratory (UL/ULC) standards.

Do I need special wood?

No. Unlike many other wood-burning heating devices, the Tulikivi is not finicky. Any seasoned wood will burn well. Logs should be split, 12"-16" long and a maximum of 4" in diameter.

Is a Tulikivi easy to install?

Yes. In a properly prepared site, we can build your fireplace in two to four days. In addition, the installation process is remarkably clean and hassle-free.

Is a Tulikivi difficult to clean?

No. Because the fire burns so clean, soot and creosote are rarely a problem, and the high heat of the fire burns bakeoven spills away. Fly ash does build up, but is easy to brush out or vacuum out. As with any fireplace, you should have your chimney professionally cleaned once a year.

Is it easy to cook in Tulikivi cookstoves and bakeovens?

Yes. Cooking with radiant heat is a wonderful experience. Anything you can cook in a conventional oven can be cooked in a Tulikivi oven. With a little practice, you will learn to regulate the temperature indicated on the temperature gauge by controlling the amount of wood you use.

What type of chimney do I use?

You need a 6", 7", or 8" round UL-103HT metal flue system (depending on the fireplace model you choose) or an approved masonry flue sized appropriately for your fireplace. Sometimes re-lining an existing masonry flue system is an acceptable solution. You have the option of top venting or base venting the fireplace depending on your design or site restrictions. In some cases, the flue system is located on the wall in a pre-existing flue. The flue height on the wall and model height will determine if this type of project is base vented or top vented. Ask us about chimney system requirements before designing and installing your flue system.

What about fireplace clearances?

For most installations, the clearances in the USA are 14" from the sides, 20" from the back, 10" from the top, and 48" to the front. You can have as little as 3" clearance with an approved heat shield. Non-combustible hearth protection in front of the fireplace is a minimum of 18" deep and 8" to either side of the fireplace door. See-through fireplaces require 48" clearance on the front and back and a non-combustible hearth as described above. Ask us about clearances before designing and installing your fireplace and hearth.

I am on a budget. What can I expect to pay for the fireplace project?

Tulikivi fireplaces that heat 750 sq ft start at about $5,000. Add the flue system, support structure, and installation and you can easily approach $10,000 depending on the design. A more typical new construction project would heat 1,000-2,000 sq ft and range between $12,000 and $35,000. This typically includes the support structure, flue system, hearth tiles, and installation. Ask us about the 2200 series fireplaces. They are a good value for maximizing your heat capacity and your dollar.

Can a Tulikivi be electrically heated?

Yes. Your Tulikivi installer and a qualified electrician is all that it takes to install and connect electrical elements and a thermostat to your Tulikivi.

What about a natural gas, propane, coal, pellet, or corn burning Tulikivi?

Currently the only UL-listed offering in North America is wood. However, soapstone has been used as a fireplace surround for wood and gas inserts and gas direct vent fireplaces.

What about hot water coils?

First consider that the fireplace itself may provide the necessary heating requirements in the room without having to heat and move water. Tulikivi now offers the W 10 water heating system in a limited number of models. Ask us for details.

Do the fireplaces come in different colors?

There are different stone accents and finishes to choose from. Ask us about Salmon, Blue, Antique Brushed, Sky, Rough Face and Boulder Style trim options - plan on paying 10-20% more for these stone types and finishes.

How efficient is a Tulikivi?

Very. Masonry heaters are among the cleanest burning in the world with efficiencies ranging from 70-80%. Learn more about this here.

How long will my Tulikivi last?

Your Tulikivi fireplace should last for decades with proper use and care. Firebox liners for Whirlbox models are easily replaced.

How often will I need to clean my fireplace?

We recommend cleaning and inspecting your chimney once a year and vacuuming out the base of the heat exchange channels twice a year. You should empty the ash box on a weekly basis if you are burning every day.

The EPA and wood burning?

Colorado and Washington State have led the way in including clean burning masonry heaters in their regulations on wood burning. We are working closely with the EPA to expand those regulations on a national basis. Contact us if you have specific questions about your area - in most cases, a masonry heater can be installed in your home.

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